Land Use and Zoning Law

  • August 14, 2015

Land Use and Zoning Law By Philip Carter Strother and Andrew E. Tarne Since the early days of nuisance law, but especially since the early twentieth century and the validation of zoning ordinances, land use planning and management have been fundamental roles of local government. As evinced by its state code, the Commonwealth of Virginia recognizes the essential role that localities play in land use planning. The Virginia Code requires that localities create planning commissions, adopt comprehens...

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Land Use and Zoning Law: The Current Lay of the Land

  • May 6, 2009

Land Use and Zoning Law (2009 Annual Survey of Virginia Law) By: Philip C. Strother and Matthew R. Farley I. Introduction Responsible land use and zoning are an integral part of every locality’s role in government. Throughout the twentieth century, Virginia legislation made clear that zoning and other land use controls are well within the police power of local government. Each Virginia locality has a comprehensive plan: a blueprint that guides the course of development.[1] Development rights i...

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