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Strother Law Office, PLC is sophisticated representation for all your legal needs.

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strother law business compliance legal practice

It can be time-consuming and stressful to run your own business. Navigating all of the legal requirements of contracting and compliance can kill productivity. Strother Law can give you quick and efficient answers to your legal worries, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Strother Law Offices, PLC has experience helping businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of business areas. Strother Law can help get your business up and off the ground if you are starting out with advice on choosing the best corporate structure and writing an operating agreement. As you grow, you can rely on Strother Law for advice on contracts and compliance issues.


strother law beverage hospitality hotel restaurant winery practice

Strother Law Offices, PLC represents a number of farm wineries in the state in a variety of matters and can provide legal assistance in license applications, hearings and appeals. Strother Law Offices understands how critical an ABC license is to the success of an establishment and therefore ABC violations must be taken very seriously.

Strother Law Offices, PLC is experienced in representing licensees in proceeding before ABC hearing officers. A portion of the firm's practice focuses on the representation of licensees in disciplinary and other administrative hearings regarding the restriction, suspension and revocation of the ABC license.


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